Ian Tinsey aka "The TR8 Doctor"

This is a shameless plug for a fellow TR8 enthusiast Ian Tinsey. Ian has for many years owned a beautiful white, very early, off line/hand built (at Longbridge), prototype TR8 FHC. It retains its original configuration including catalytic converters and air conditioning and is maintained in a "better than new" condition. Its restoration is a product of Ian's skills and his tremendous attention to detail is more than apparent.

Ian is a time served vehicle technician with many years experience behind him at BL and Honda dealerships. The last few years have seen him specialise in automatic transmissions, culminating in the starting of his own, and very successful, business about ten years ago. The meticulous workshop also sees a regular influx of well known TR8's and other Triumphs for repairs and maintenance.

During these years Ian has recorded his experiences on fault finding both in mechanical and electrical fields. To this end he has compiled the articles that follow.

My thanks to Ian for all the technical expertise that was put into these informative and well thought out articles.

Ian can be contacted at:
Website: www.crucialautomatics.co.uk
Email: ian@crucialautomatics.co.uk
Telephone: 01329 845040