My Cars - Keith Cox

My parents wouldn't allow me to have a motor bike so I was keen to pass my driving test as soon as possible and so at the age of 17 I was driving a 1962 Mini - 610ECG - in British Racing Green. A few years later it failed the MOT due to rotting sills and my friends in the Venture Scouts, yes I was one also, persuaded me to strip the car for spares and to chop up the metal work. This is when I enthusiastically gashed the edge of my left hand and had to be rushed to the nearest surgery for stitches and tetanus injection - I still have the scar. My next three cars were Mini Estates, the last one bought new. In 1979 I bought a Ford Fiesta 1300 in white with black go-faster stripes down the side. This started my love of Fords, having since owned four Escorts, one Mondeo and currently a 1600 Focus.

I have known Rex for a long time. In the 1980's I was very keen on photography, and Rex invited me to join him, in his TR7V8, to take video pictures of their TRDC Club stand at Beaulieu. Following this I joined him on other events, photographing the cars and getting to know the members. One of the common meeting points for our group is Rownhams Services on the M27 and I vividly remember one Sunday morning waiting for Ian Tinsey to arrive in his newly restored TR8 and thinking what a great looking car it was with the red stripe down the side. In late 1991, I heard that Ian had decided to sell his car and so I bought it with my redundancy money, and I still show it 26 years later.

In 1998 I heard that S&S had a rare development TR8 FHC in russet brown for sale. I declared my interest in it but there was competition, however, in the end I managed to buy it. Due to a number of factors the restoration of this car took a very long time but I did manage to get it on the road in 2008 and it appeared on the TRDC stand at the NEC in 2009. In 2010 I took it off the road, for economic reasons, but have re-commisioned it this year specially for the 2017 National at Gaydon.

Having worked in the electronics industry for many years and then into computer software, it was a step into the unknown when I was asked to help Rex set up this website. Hopefully we have been successful!!