1980-81 Solihull-built cars

Production at Solihull commenced in April 1980 and continued to October 1981.

The cars built at Solihull have prefixes which follow the VIN system outlined in section 3. On Solihull built cars the last letter of the prefix is 'A'.

From May 1981, the following three letters were added in front of the existing VIN prefix: 'SAT’

This is the so called "World Manufacturer Code" which indicates the country of origin and the manufacturer as follows:


The following chassis number series were used on Solihull built cars, with all models mixed in the same series of numbers:

a)1980 m.y. April to September 1980:400001 to 410918
(Mostly limited edition models for North America)
b)1981 m.y. September 1980 to May 1981:402027 to 405636
(402001 to 402026 built at Canley)
c)1981 m.y. with SAT in front of prefix,406001 to 408534
May to October 1981:

The maximum possible production at Solihull by chassis number series will therefore be seen to be 8062. The official BL/Austin Rover figure for Solihull production is 8056.

One very important thing to note is that although the very rare UK spec. TR8's were built at Solihull, they were not amongst the last TR7s manufactured (9 built in 1980 and then another 9 in early 1981). This means that they were all built prior to the introduction of the new North American VIN identification standard, which appeared on UK TR7s later on in 1981.

The last TR7 (TPADJ7AA408534) produced at Solihull was a RHD Home Market DHC which is now housed in the B.M.I.H.T collection.