Note on TR8 Coupe deliveries to the US.

Mike Cook whose name was considered synonymous with that of Triumph, in North America since the 1960's, is quoted by some sources as making the following comments on TR8 coupe sales in the US:

"Approximately 150 pre-production coupes were sold in 1978" (most likely ACN or possibly TCN cars)

"Approximately 200 'and change’ production coupes were sold as 1980 coupes" Exactly one 1981 coupe, an engineering 'cast-off' apparently with Serial number 199999 was sold.

While these numbers apply only to the US, they would appear to be representative of TR8 coupe production in general. It would not be unreasonable to assume that anymore than say 450 TR8 coupes were sold in total world-wide. It is also interesting to note that the comments above do not mention any 1979 model year sales, indicating perhaps that not many TCN cars were built or that those that were, ended up in other markets (i.e. Canada).