Problem 1. Bonnet will not open and bonnet release cable will not fully pull to its normal release length of about 25mm. The Bonnet release cable sheathing as been trapped with the removable Air intake chamber (Plenum) which fits to the bulkhead. This was most likely removed/refitted prior to bonnet being closed.

Solution 1. A good torch is required to shine on to the bonnet release assembly. This is to allow you to see the movable post slider on the bulkhead catch, which requires pushing towards the fixed anchor post. This is achieved by using a long narrow screwdriver inserted through the bonnet centre grill, taking care not to damage the paintwork. Remember to release the trapped cable from Air intake chamber before closing bonnet. For total peace of mind, fit a suitable sized P Clip holding the bonnet release cable clear of entrapment in the future.

Note:- On Left Hand Drive cars the layout is reversed.