Part 1 Front Suspension

First it is necessary to ascertain what parts are required and have them all available before starting to strip down the front end. This not only saves a great deal of last minute running round for that odd part, but also ensures that on Monday morning the car will be ready for the drive to work!
Parts required:
a) 2 x springs
b) 2 x shock absorbers c) 2 x suspension gaiters - part no. UKC4981
d) 2 x tie wraps for suspension gaiters - part no. BMK1900
e) 2 x bump stops
f) 2 x ball joint dust covers - part no. UKC3466
g) 2 x ball joint nuts (1/2 inch UNF Nilock). If castellated, use part no. LN2211.
h) 1 x bag of assorted split pins
i) 2 x damper unit closure nuts (supplied with shock absorber - check)
j) 2 x strut to suspension mount nuts (12mm Nilock) part no. NY112041
k) 6 x suspension mount to body nuts (8mm Nilock) part no. GHF252
l) 2 x spring insulator rubber
m) 1 x tin of copper grease
n) 1 x tube of silicone grease.

Note: items c, f, g, i, and l may not need replacing but may break when being dismantled. Similarly Nilock nuts (items j and k) should not be used more than once. Now is the time to decide which shock absorbers and springs are to be used.

My personal preference for shock absorbers is the Koni heavy duty adjustable type. These cannot be adjusted when in position on the car and are mainly adjusted for wear. The alternative is the Spax heavy duty adjustable insert. Both are widely available from Triumph specialists and after-market suppliers. In both cases I would advise only adjusting them by a maximum of two half turns from the softest setting. If adjusted further, the ride stiffness will become seriously affected which, in turn, will affect the overall comfort of the driver and passenger. I have often heard the words: "...screw'em up as far as you can and she will stick to the road like glue" - my only comment to that is "how's your back and do you know a good welder". I leave you to decide.

The springs are a much greater problem. I have delved deeply into reference books & files to come up with the following statistics
Front Springs
TR7 - manual/auto/heaterP/No. TKC1328Spring rate 88Lbf/in
TR7 - manual/auto/air conP/No. TKC1329Spring rate 94Lbf/in
TR8 - UK spec with heaterP/No. TKC1329Spring rate 94Lbf/in
TR8 - USA spec with air conP/No. TKC3088Spring rate 96Lbf/in.
Rear Springs
TR7 - nearly all modelsP/No. TKC3300Spring rate 165Lbf/in.
TR7 - Italy & JapanP/No. TKC2404Spring rate unknown (assumed 165+)
TR8 - early CoupesP/No. TKC3300Spring rate 165Lbf/in.
TR8 - all models USA & UKP/No. TKC2404Spring rate unknown.