Part 2 Rear Suspension

Following the same pattern as the front suspension, all the parts should be available before commencing the strip down.
Parts required:
a) 2 x springs
b) 2 x shock absorbers
c) 2 x upper insulator rubbers - part no. UKC82
d) 2 x lower insulator rubbers - part no. UKC1108
e) 8 x shock absorber mounting bush - part no. 152W

Note: items c and d may not need replacing and can be inspected before starting the job, however remember these have probably been on the car since it was built. Item e should be supplied with the shock absorbers, but check to be sure.

After making the decision on what front springs and shock absorbers to select, the rear springs and shocks will fall into the same category. Do not try to 'mix' n 'match' as this will upset the balance of the car.

Again, my personal preference for the shock absorbers is the Koni heavy-duty adjustable type. As with the front, these cannot be adjusted on the car so use the same setting as the front. My advice again would be a maximum of two half turns from the softest setting.

The springs again pose the greatest problem. The stiffness and ride height should be compatible with the values used on the front suspension. So, if 200lb f/in springs were used on the front, then use 190/200lbf/in springs on the rear. Ride height is the next problem and the comments made in relation to the front suspension still apply. My preference being 1 inch lowered. One word of caution - I understand that some 1.6 to 2" lowered springs need straps to hold them to the trailing arms. I have discussed this with my MoT man and he would be very reluctant to pass springs retained in this way. Remember, when the car is being driven hard the suspension is at full stretch and that is when the spring can drop out if it is too short - the decision is yours!

Now that all the parts have been assembled, it is time to carry out the work I have again endeavoured to put it into chronological order for simplicity.