Part 9 Carburettor Decisions

Attention now passes to the carburettor/induction side of the engine. Again this can fall into a number of categories to suit the available budget.

1) Use the existing SU carburettors and
(a) Strip and clean them.
(b) Carry out a general service.
(c) Completely rebuild the carburettors.
2) Have the existing SU carburettors completely restored.
3) Replace the existing carburettors with a new pair.
4) Convert to Stromberg carburettors.
5) Fit a Holley carburettor with an Offenhauser manifold.
6) Fit the original TR8 carb/manifold arrangement.
7) Fit fuel injection equipment.
8) Fit a Boxer manifold with SU carburettors.
Of the above, items 1) and 5) are the most common routes to take, but I will endeavour to comment on all to varying degrees.
Where possible I have included part/kit numbers but these should be confirmed when ordering from suppliers.

For options 1) to 4) I received a great deal of assistance from Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd., Spitfire House, Castle Road, Salisbury, Wilts SP1 3SA, telephone 01722 412500. (Note: When contacting Burlen, have the make and model of the carburettor available, plus the 'tag number', the latter being a number on a little metal tag attached to one of the screws often holding the float chamber in place).

The following information relates to the standard SD1 Carburettors, namely the 1 3/4" HIF44 with BGC metering needles.

Option 1a) Strip and clean the existing SU carburettors. This is the most basic rebuild of the carb and will only serve as a check that it is working correctly. However, it will enable all the muck and grime of probably 100,000 miles to be removed from both outside and inside the carb. The needles can be checked and reset if necessary but the workshop manual should be consulted first.
General gasket pack (per carb) WZX1505.
Float chamber gasket (per carb) AUD3588.
BGC Needle (per carb).

Option 1b) General Service. This is the next stage on from option 1a). In addition to the strip and clean, certain components that tend to wear can also be replaced. Burlen offer a kit which incorporates all the items mentioned in 1a) plus the needle valve controlling the petrol flow into the car and the jet.
Service Kit (per carb) CSK77.
BGC Needle (per carb).

Option 1c) Rebuild existing carburettors. This really is the limit to which the average person can go to revitalise the existing carburettors. The kit contains the equipment mentioned in 1a) and 1b) plus the throttle disc and spindle. It should be noted however that the spindle bushes should be checked for excessive wear before considering this option.
Rebuild kit (per carb) CRK268.
BGC Needle (per carb).