The aim of this Archive is to assist people new to the TR8 and, hopefully, help to expand the knowledge of those already owning one.

At the beginning of 1993, I was asked to take on the mantle of TR8 Registrar for the TR Drivers Club. Until then the position had been held by Paul Towle who, with his colleague Paul Adkin, were very well known in TR circles for their knowledge of the TR8. To this end they were in the process of writing a book about its design and manufacture. Sadly, the pressures of work intervened and Paul had to relinquish the post. This meant that I was faced with a very hard act to follow.

Initially, Paul handed me his notes on an array of subjects including VIN Numbers, Paint and Trim Codes which have now become an important part of many books and websites. This enabled me to complete the first few reports on the TR8 before venturing into my own version of articles.

Over the years I have received a great deal of assistance from fellow TR8 owners so, wherever possible, I have included their names in the articles that follow.

Hopefully, over time, the Archive will cover a wide range of TR8 related subjects. Should anyone have additional information that they would like to share I would be happy to include it.

Rex Holford