The TR8 Story

The production TR8s in both FHC and DHC form were built between 1977 and 1981 at three factories, Speke, Canley and Solihull. An additional car, a FHC, was built at the Longbridge factory in 1976 to test production techniques.

95% of the production total was destined for the overseas market with about 100 cars being retained in the UK together with the 18 UK production spec cars.

The total number of cars produced was approximately 2800 over the four-year period. A very small number when compared to the total TR7/TR8 build of 115,000 cars.

Below are detailed the Chassis or VIN prefixes relative to the producing factory and also the build years. 1979 and 1980 were the main production years with a total of approximately 2100 cars built.

1977 -1978Speke-built cars (Prefix: ACN1 to 1116 Approx. 76 built).
1978 -1979Canley-built cars (Prefix: TCN...., Approx.110 built TCV...., one or two built).
1979 -1980Canley-built cars (Prefix: TPVDV..., TPZDV..., TPLDV....
Approx. 2100 built with these prefixes).
1980 - 1981Solihull-built UK cars (Prefix TPADV7AA... 18 built).
1980 - 1981Solihull-built cars (Prefix SATPVDV, SATPZDV, SATPLDV).
1981 to endSolihull-built cars (Prefix: SAT..., as above but with check digit).
Total cars produced with the SAT... prefix, approx. 400.

Production ceased in October 1981. However a few of the late produced cars were not Registered until 1982.

More detailed information is available in VIN Numbers Explained".