Liquid Capacities of the TR8

Fuel tank - carbs54.4 litres12.0 gals14.5 US gals
Fuel tank - EFI54.0 litres11.9 gals14.3 US gals
Engine sump and filter5.1 litres9 pts10.8 US pts
Engine sump - drain/refill4.4 litres7.75 pts9.3 US pts
Manual Gearbox from dry1.5 litres2.7 pts3.3 US pts
Automatic transmission with oil cooler6.96 litres12.4 pts14.9 US pts
Rear Axle from dry0.9 litres1.6 pts2.0 US pts
Cooling incl. radiator, heater and header tank (early cars)9.9 litres17.5 pts21.0 US pts
Cooling incl. radiator, heater and expansion tank (late cars)10.9 litres19.2 pts23.0 US pts
Power Steering reservoir0.6 litres1.0 pt1.2 US pts
Windscreen washer bottle1.6 litres2.75 pts3.3 US pts