Engine Parameters of the TR8

Cylinder block: Aluminium alloy with the axes of the cylinder bores inclined at 45 deg. from the vertical. Fitted with cast iron dry liners.
Crankshaft: Spheroidal graphite iron with integral balance weights. Five main bearings and torsional vibration damper.
Bearings: Main and big ends Steel backed leaded bronze with lead indium overlay.
Pistons: Aluminium alloy, solid skirt. Two compression rings and a scraper ring assembly.
Cylinder Heads: Aluminium alloy gravity die - cast cylinder heads. Cross flow ports. Shallow pot spherical combustion chambers.
Valve seat inserts. Suitable for unleaded fuel.

DescriptionUSA FHC & DHCUK DHC
Number of cylinders88
Bore of cylinders
Stroke of Crankshaft
Engine Capacity
cu cms35283528
cu ins215215
Compression Ratio8.13:19.35:1
Maximum Brake Horse PowerCarb 134bhp @ 5000 rev/min152bhp @ 4750 rev/min
*EFI 137bhp @ 5000 rev/minN/A
Maximum Torque147 lbf.ft @ 3000 rev/min196 lbf.ft @ 2750 rev/min
Brake Mean Effective Pressure130 lbs/sqin.137.3lbs/sqin.
Spark PlugsN 12 Y or GSP 13Champion N 12 Y
Spark Plug gapCarb 0.88mm 0.030ins0.9mm 0.035ins
EFI 0.9mm 0.035insN/A
Firing Order**1 8 4 3 6 5 7 21 8 4 3 6 5 7 2

* Later revised to 148 bhp @ 5100 rev/min. Torque 180 lbf.ft @ 3250 rev/min.
** Cylinders are numbered from the front of the engine, timing cover end and viewed from the rear to identify banks.
L.H. Bank Nos. 1 3 5 7   R.H Bank Nos. 2 4 6 8.