TR7/8 Window Winder Problems

One of the most intricate jobs when renewing the furniture on the TR7/8, is the removal and re-assembly of the door mechanisms. In particular the replacement of the window mechanism. We have all spent many hours fighting to get the three rollers into the correct position. Recently, Keith Cox was fighting a loosing battle with this problem but found the solution from an article by Mike Rotherham. Many thanks to Mike for writing it and to Keith for proving the solution works.

To remove the window winder assembly

Wind the window to the top and clamp in place with a couple of G clamps and some thick cloths to protect the glass.

Remove the handle, interior light wiring and door card. Try not to turn the handle mechanism so that it will still line up correctly when reassembling.

Remove the 4 bolts, spring washers and flat washers holding the mechanism to the door.

Push the mechanism into the door and push the assembly to the rear of the door and disengage the white roller "A" from the rear of the channel attached to the inner door.

Push the assembly to the front of the door disengaging the rear black roller "B" from the front of the rear channel attached at the bottom of the glass then the front black roller "C" from the front of the front channel.

Close the moving arm of the assembly so that moving arm and main assembly are lined up to ease removal from the door.

Remove the assembly from the lower door aperture by tilting the top of the handle end (the bit with teeth) away from you and remove from the door, bottom of the handle end first.